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This site is intended to serve as a discussion and interpretation forum for professional health insurance agents from across the nation. No one, who demonstrates proper deportment, will be excluded. However, this site is NOT political. (PS: Please review separate website page entitled, “Rules-of-Engagement”, for information relating to decorum and coherence.)

Thus, the primary focus here, is related to the implementation phase of OBAMACARE. The objective is to help Health insurance agents provide key and correct information for their historical clients. Until just recently, there was a dearth of critical details, which now seem to have been deliberately cloistered by official government sources. Indeed, these secretive factors seem to persist, in several areas.Yet, the cascading calendar, is now becoming a cogent tell-tale, due to failures by the government entities meet their own deadlines.

Once again, this site is NOT a political movement, nor allied with any!!! (Please review website page entitled, “Rules-of-Engagement”.) Indeed, this site is specifically NOT intended to rehash the political science aspects of the past three (+) years. Instead, the goal is to elucidate important aspects relating to promised, but yet to be delivered, future benefits and opportunities for consumers.

In addition, the publisher would specifically like to recruit assistance with editorial content (“Contributors” from experienced Health and “Employee Benefits” agents, located in States which HAVE elected to construct and operate State exchanges. Preferably, one or more from each respective State would collaborate; in order to evaluate the unfolding actions in conjunction with respective State insurance laws. (The publisher is from Florida, which elected not to participate in OBAMACARE.)

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